Cooling System Check

In the thick of summer, the last thing you want is your car engine overheating and leaving you stranded on the side of the road. Not only is it incredibly inconvenient, but the results of not keeping your cooling system in check could prove disastrous. The cooling system is what keeps your engine from getting too hot – it consists of a cooling fan, radiator, water pump, thermostat, heater core and valve, and other necessary parts that all work together to remove heat from your engine. 

The cooling system in your vehicle is what regulates the temperature inside your engine preventing it from overheating. When your engine reaches operating temperature, the thermostat opens and coolant is released to the radiator, which begins a circulatory like flow of heat. The end result is that the excess heat is expelled through the radiator walls after cycling through the engine. Afterward, the hot coolant is cooled down with help from the radiator cooling fan; then it is ready to be re-released into the engine to continue its purpose in redistributing heat to keep your vehicle safe to drive. 

Cooling System Maintenance 

Coolant levels 

If you don’t have enough coolant, your car should have an indicator light that will advise you when you are getting low. When you come for your regular oil changes at A-Z Auto Repair, our mechanics check your fluid levels as part of our 20-point inspection. 

Check your hoses 

Whether or not your fluid levels are sufficient will not matter if your hoses are pinched, cracked, or leaking. If you have cracks in the hose or loose hose clamps, you will lose coolant and run the risk of possibly overheating. 

How is the fan? 

If your vehicle’s radiator fan is giving out less than optimal levels of cool this is a major issue. Your fan works in conjunction with the radiator to keep your engine cool, particularly in traffic where the vehicle isn’t getting airflow over the radiator. It’s a good idea to get this checked out before the extreme temperatures arrive. 

What about oil? 

Although oil is not necessarily needed to keep your engine cool, it is essential for your car to function. The lubrication that it provides to all of the working metal parts, is essential to the performance of your  vehicle. So, top it off when it’s low and change the filter as recommended by your trusted mechanic. 

Keep your engine running safely, smoothly, and cool this summer. Check-in with us at A-Z Auto Repair, in Winchester, VA for a seasonal check-up.