Fleet Maintenance

If your business owns a vehicle or many vehicles, then you know how difficult it is to keep all of them working 100% of the time. A-Z Auto Repair is here to assist you in keeping your fleet running at top performance. 

We provide bumper to bumper Fleet Management services that span the total fleet life-cycle. At A-Z Auto Repair in Winchester, VA, helping you optimize performance and improve productivity is our goal every step of the way. Whether your fleet has one asset type or many, we can design a vehicle Fleet Management program that helps maximize the value of each vehicle or piece of equipment. 

Your Community Partner and One-stop Fleet Maintenance Solution 

Unforeseen vehicle repairs and ongoing maintenance issues can disrupt cash flow and productivity. 

With A-Z Auto Repair, solutions are offered in the form of maintenance identification systems that stay on top of all aspects of scheduled and unanticipated maintenance. 

We also offer net 30 repayment terms and interest-free financing for approved applicants.

We promise our Fleet Service Customers: 

● A one-stop-shop with expert knowledge and experience ranging from routine car and truck 

● A free multi-point inspection with every service 

● From routine service and lube, to major repairs such as engines and transmissions 

● Written estimates before performing repair work if requested 

● Premium warranties on all parts and labor 

● State-of-the-art and up to date test equipment and tools 

● The convenience of making an online appointment and Early or Late Vehicle Drop off 

● The confidence of working with a network of over 75,000 parts

Your Business Serviced 

At A-Z Auto Repair in Winchester, VA, we understand how important your fleet vehicles are.

● Contractors use vehicles to get from one job site to another – that’s the way you make money. 

● Schools use vehicles to transport students – that’s the way you educate tomorrow’s leaders. 

● Churches use vehicles to serve the community – that’s the way you fulfill your mission

Our Key Benefits 

● Price packages for routine maintenance 

● We understand the value of your vehicle and will repair as quickly as possible 

● Your entire fleet stays up and running, making you more money 

The Bottom Line 

We understand that every moment your fleet vehicle is sitting in our shop is time that it’s not serving you and every dollar spent on fleet repair reduces net profits (or the  money you have for other areas of your business or non-profit). Our goal is to give you a safe vehicle for your employees to drive while protecting your bottom line. Call us today to talk about how we can help your business.