Preventative Maintenance

Why 30/60/90K Maintenance Is So Important 

Anytime you purchase a vehicle (particularly a new one), you are likely to hear about the recommended factory maintenance schedule for that vehicle. This schedule is often referred to as 30/60/90K maintenance because as a typical rule of thumb, most vehicles need this maintenance service every 30,000 miles or so; but the actual recommended schedule can be more or less, depending on the car and the manufacturer. 

When buying a vehicle, some people believe the 30/60/90K maintenance schedule is simply a way for the dealer to “upsell,” to get the buyer to spend more money at the dealership service department. The truth is that this maintenance can extend your vehicle’s overall performance and longevity. In fact, most manufacturers these days consider it to be so important that they won’t honor the vehicle warranty unless you keep the schedule. 

Have you heard the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?”, this is the whole idea behind the factory scheduled maintenance. Having this maintenance performed can potentially save you thousands of dollars in expensive auto repairs down the line because the mechanic can identify and replace faulty parts before more serious problems arise.

The suggested manufacture maintenance helps keep your vehicle running efficiently, you will get better mileage and spend less on gas. This service will help to extend the overall life of your vehicle. All in all, regular maintenance can help you save much more in the long run.

What happens during factory maintenance 

We start with a full inspection of your car’s functional systems to identify any problem areas and recommend repairs or replacement of parts as needed. The maintenance also involves making sure critical fluids are topped off, replenished and/or replaced. The specifics differ slightly based on the make/model and age of your vehicle, but as a rule of thumb, 30/60/90K maintenance may include: changing the oil, replacing spark plugs and filters, rotating tires, checking and/or flushing the coolant, and checking or replacing transmission and brake fluid.

Do I have to go to the dealer service department to do my 30/60/90K maintenance? 

No, you do not. Dealers like to make you believe this maintenance can only be done by their service department, but the warranty stays intact as long as you have it performed by a qualified automotive specialist. You can save on the cost of maintenance by taking the car to an independent repair shop like A-Z Auto Repair instead of the dealership.