Transmission Flush

Why it is Important to Have Your Transmission Flushed

The importance of a transmission flush often goes unnoticed until serious problems arise. It is a process that is critical to the health and maintenance of your car, and when performed regularly, is an excellent preventative maintenance procedure. Check your owner’s manual for the proper maintenance schedule. However, if there are any issues already present within your transmission such as odd noises or gear shifting issues, it might do more harm than good.

The top reasons for having transmission problems are:

Manual Transmission has Trouble Shifting Gears

  • The clutch pedal will not push down or drops to the floor when engaged
  • Gears cannot be changed, or the gear shift suddenly will not move.

Automatic Transmission Seems to be Slipping

A common symptom would be if you move the selector for your automatic transmission to “Drive” and the engine seems to be racing ahead (high RPM) faster than your transmission.

Transmission Fluid Leaking

Low fluid level or fluid on the ground under the vehicle can indicate the presence of a leak.

Vehicle is Inoperative in Gear

Whether it’s your transmission failing or something else, the experts A-Z Auto Repair will be able to diagnose the problem.

Noise in the Transmission

Normally transmissions should be virtually noise-free. If you hear noise coming from your transmission, it may indicate that transmission parts are contacting each other abnormally.

Check Engine Light is On

Whether it’s your transmissions or something else, our experts will be able to diagnose the problem.

A transmission flush is a process where all of the old oil in a transmission is removed and fluid containing specialized detergents is run through it using a machine to push out grime and sludge. The transmission is then refilled with new lubricant. Regular use of this process is vital to maintaining your transmissions performance and lifespan.

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